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Roof Damage

Where to start? 

  • For Emergency roof repairs in Rosslare call us on 087-9533753
    and we can fix or put a temporary roof repair in place until the extent of the damage is examined further.

  • For Scheduled roofing repairs and maintenance or roof cleaning its best to get the roof examined by a qualified trained roofer and evaluate the current state or condition of your roof before you spend any money on labour or materials which may not be suitable or adequate for your roof.

  • Before setting out on any roofing project no matter how complex the job its important to use a Trained & Registered Insured Contractor.

  • A qualified Skilled roofer will be familiar with current building regulations and Standards, technical terms
  • We provide  a comprehensive roofing service in Newross and surrounding Areas.

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Wet Rot

Here is an example of advanced Wet Rot in a roof we repaired.

The repair itself as follows:
1. This Involved the removal of all the roof tiles from the roof and were stacked for re-use.
2. The removal of the sarking felt and battens.
3. The replacement of damaged eaves rafters.
4. New slaters felt and treated battens fitted and the roof tiles relaid.
5. We then Installed new Upvc Fascia Soffit and guttering and correctly sized the air vents to aerate the loft space area to prevent further condensation in the roof attic.



Rotting Roof Battens


Rotting Roof Eaves

rotting-eaves7  Damaged roof eaves


New Felt & Battens



New felt & battens


Tiles Re-laid