Chimney Repair Gallery

Chimney repaired in castlebridge co. wexford

This chimney Stack in Wexford town was in very poor condition on this 20 year old house,  the plaster beads or angle beads were held in position with Gyproc Bonding coat and then rendered over with sand and cement.

bonding coatThis Stuff 

Gyproc Bonding coat is a great product and should only be used on internal applications only and will breakdown if used externally as this is what happened  here as you can see  from the corners on the chimney stack.

I stripped back the render to the block work and removed the lead flashing soakers and counter flashing. The chimney was then fitted with new code 4 lead flashing and roof slates and rendered with sand cement with a nap finish to match the existing house walls.


chimney stack repair in ardcavan wexford

This chimney in  Wexford Town had a boiler stove installed to it, the customer noticed  dampness on the internal wall of the house and water coming in on top of the stove. 

I inspected the stove appliance and chimney structure and decommissioned the appliance after discovering many dangerous faults. The customer decided to remove the stack completely and extend the roof over where the chimney stack stood. 

One of the many faults was that the internal filling of the chimney was made up of broken bricks, rubble, sand and huge Voids. This type of filling may be suitable for a garden pathway but not for a chimney.