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Do you need a chimney repair specialist in Enniscorthy, we fix stacks of chimneys in Enniscorthy, from small chimney repairs to large chimney rebuilds and chimney relining with stove installations .

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    Fire places and chimneys are standard items in house construction.
    Fireplaces can accommodate open fires or closed appliances stoves etc.
    In order for the chimney to function and serve its purpose it needs to be constructed correctly and maintained throughout its life.


    Poor maintenance of the chimneys can lead to:


    Chimney Fires

    Possible Causes, Dirty chimney lining, Cresote build up or bird nests,
    Chimney cleaning is an essential before winter burning, clean the smoke chamber and remove the flammable cresote deposits and soot build up.

    Chimney fires may affect the structure of the chimney causing distortion of the metal or ceramic clay structures and resulting in chimney failure.

    Chimney Leaks and Dampness

    Possible Causes  Cracked Render, mortar joint breakdown, cracked masonry or crazing, roof flashing damage, spalling masonry or bricks or cracked chimney cap.

    Water penetration

    The chimney stack sitting at the highest point of the house has no protection from the elements, The moisture that penetrates the masonry periodically freezes and thaws causing expansion and undue stress on the material causing movement and cracking.



    damp chimney wall

    Damp chimney breast

    Chimney re-rendering with Lead Flashing changed

    causes of damp chimneys

    Causes of Dampness 

    • Lead damaged or installed incorrectly.
    • Cracked slates or tiles.
    • Cracked chimney cap.
    • Cracked or damaged render/plaster.



    chimney blown over in high winds