Is a Chimney Repair Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance Yes or No

Is a Chimney Repair Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance Yes or No

Is a Chimney Repair Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance Yes or No

When is chimney repair covered by home insurance?

Repair is generally covered when there is a loss caused by a sudden and unexpected event like a chimney fire.

Wear and tear, old age, etc. are not covered.

The two possibilities  of when a chimney repair is covered is

when the top is struck by lightning and
when a chimney fire occurs and causes damage. The common element being that an “event” happened.

pumice liners


The pumice liner system comes in a range of 15 diameters from 150mm to 1000mm internal diameter. The Pumice flue liners are for masonry chimneys where the linings are surrounded by 100mm of brick, block or stone.

The linings are suitable for all fuels but not suitable for condensing appliances –including pellet or biomass.

Pumice liners are ideal for new build as well as relining existing masonry chimneys.

Pumice Liners

The features of this are:

Lightweight materials, easy to use ,handle and cut
Highly insulating pumice for better draw and minimum heat loss
600mm and 1000mm lengths mean fewer joints and fast to install
15 flue sizes available
Good resistance to temperature variations gives the maximum performance for your appliance
CE certified to EN1857 with the designation T450, N2, D, 3, G.
Three angles of bends available for maximum versatility.

Technical Specification
Pumice Liners
Pumice Liners
Applications / Installations

Construction begins by providing a suitable foundation and constructional hearth in accordance with Building Regulations and site requirements.

Stove in Recess Option
Our pre stressed lintels must be installed above the fireplace recess , for this method a support plate is required under the support block.

Alternatively a suitable cast-in-situ concrete slab lintel can be created above the fireplace recess. (See Isokern standard drawings for hole size depending on diameter of chosen flue).

The support block is bedded onto the slab lintel using weak mix mortar. A stainless steel adaptor is used to connect from the support block to the stove flue pipe. This adaptor is pushed up onto the support block spigot (fibre rope should be used to create a seal). It is recommended to have a minimum of 600mm length of flue pipe before connecting to the chimney.

Pumice Liners
Free Standing Stove Option
Open Fire Option
All Options
After Completion Use & maintenance

Components & Systems
Round Liners
Pumice Liners
SAP Code Description Weight (kg)
126372 150mm i/d 600mm high rebated liner (200mm o/d) 8
126498 175mm i/d 600mm high rebated liner (235mm o/d) 11
127685 200mm i/d 600mm high rebated liner (250mm o/d) 12
127715 225mm i/d 600mm high rebated liner (285mm o/d) 14
128546 250mm i/d 600mm high rebated liner (310mm o/d) 16
129036 300mm i/d 600mm high rebated liner (360mm o/d) 19
129360 350mm i/d 600mm high rebated liner (416mm o/d) 27
129567 400mm i/d 1000mm high rebated liner (470mm o/d) 50
129738 450mm i/d 1000mm high rebated liner (530mm o/d) 60
129927 500mm i/d 1000mm high rebated liner (590mm o/d) 70
130142 600mm i/d 1000mm high rebated liner (706mm o/d) 100

Chimney Inspection


cctv-survey weexford

Hetas Stands for : Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme

When you decide to install a new stove it is important from the outset to do your homework on  which stove will be suitable for your home or the size of the area in which you intend to heat.

There a many constraints and guidelines that have to met in order to comply with building regulations for stove installations. some of these are:

  1. The size of the appliance in relation to the room it is to heat.
  2. Is the stove being installed in a recess or on an open hearth.
  3. Provide proper air ventilation for combustion of fuels
  4. Etc Etc

Its best to contact a trained Hetas Engineer to carry out a survey on your property to see if your new appliance can be installed correctly and meet the safety guidelines.

We have removed a lot stoves that were not installed correctly in wexford leaving the customer having pay again for either a new stove or a re installation.

Chimney Repair

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